About use of hotel

What time Is chek-in time ?
Check-in time : 3:00PM to 8:00PM.
We can not give the room key before check-in time.
What time Is chek-out time ?
Check-out time : 10:00AM.
However, check-out time may changed depend on Hotel Plan.
if you have any questions Please do not hesitate to contact us,
Is it possible to extend after check-out time ?
Please kindly see extra charge fee as below, if you request late check-out
By 12:00noon 30% of room rate
By 3:00PM 50% of room rate
After 3:00PM 100% of room charge
Can you keep my laggages before check-in or after check-out ?
Yes, certainly. Please kindly ask our staff.
Can we stay here with my pet ?
Pet are not permitted at our hotel
Can we stay here with my guide dog ?
Yes, certainly. Please inform us in advance if you would like to stay with guide dog.
How can I do if I will be little late than I expected check-in time ?
Please inform us in advance if you will be late than you expected check-in time untill 8:00PM
Can I bring visitors to my room ?
We are terribly sorry that we do not allow to bring outside guests in the room.
Do you have a curfew ?
We do not have any curfew.
Can I stay overnight only by a minor ?
When staying overnight only by a minor, confirmation is sometimes made to guardians.
And I'll decline a stay by a case.
Do I have to keep the guest key at the front desk when I go outside ?
We can keep room key.
Because we might charge you, if you lost the guest key

About reservation and charge

Is there any cancellation charge ?
Please refer to see cancellation policy at our web site.
Is there any rate for child ?
It becomes identical with the adult charge more than a junior high school student.
The charge by which it's adult 60% up to 3 years old-12 years old and less than 3-year-old child become free.
Can the date of reservation and the number of people be changed?
Please contact us any time.
Can I ask you to make reservation for a circumference tourist facility, please?
Reservation to a circumference tourist facility by yourself,if we could of any assistance.please kindly contact us.
Can a room be asigned ?
Please inquire about a request in the room beforehand.
Please understand that I can't sometimes answer to a request by the situation.

About payment

Can I settle by credit card when I make room reservation through internet ?
Possible. Please confirm each site for details because it's different in the card which can be used every reservation site.
Can I use my credit card ?
You can use your credit card,(Master / VISA / JCB)
When can I settle my bill ?
You can settle your bill at check-in at the front desk by credit card or cash.
Can I use my Ginrei card ?
Yes, you can use it.
Is it possible to have a receipt ?
Please contact us upon c/out

About facilities and equipment

Can I use Wi-Fi at inside of the building and an interior ?
It's possible to use Wi-Fi at inside of the building and an interior.
What kind of equipment you have in inside of the building ?
There are a vending machine, a shop, a restaurant and a large indoor bath in inside of the building.
Is the bath in the building a hot spring ?
A bathroom in this hotel is not a hot spring.
Can I enjoy day trip bathing here ?
Our hotels public bath for stay guest only available.

About service

Do you have massage service inside of the hotel ?
We are sorry that we do not have massage service in this hotel.
Is it possible to send the baggage in advance before my stay ?
Keeping of the preliminary baggage has only the stay previous day arrive.
Is it possible to send a door-to-door delivery service from the hotel ?
It's no problem we can take care it at the front desk. Please kindly ask in advance
Is it possible to send international mail ?
We do not accept internatinal mail delivery in this hotel.

About other

Is there a convenience store near by ?
Puts you just 5minutes walk way from our hotel
Can I see Mt. Fuji from the guest room window ?
We have 2 types room can see the Fuji mountain that [Mount Fuji View] and [Mount Fuji side].
But there may be cases where the view is not good due to another buildings in some [Mount Fuji side] rooms. We kindly ask for your understanding.
Can I ask you show room ?
Please consult to the hotel in advance. this changes according to the situation of the day.
Is there special menu for allergy?
We are not preparing a special meal to the customer who has allergy.
There is indication of the 7th piece of specific raw material as well as dishes at a restaurant, so the person who has allergy refer to that indication, and please enjoy a meal.
Please understand that it's whole dish sharing, so cookware is a specific allergic substance in the cooking process. It sometimes gets mixed in a small amount.