If you go through the entrance,
you will find a healing space with the best of japanese culture.
The first you will ever see is the magnificient view of Mt.Fuji.
Feel the "Heart Of Hospitality" of a new era at our hotel
which was completed in year 2019.

Mt.Fuji seen from Lake Kawaguchi
  • Japanese room (Mount Fuji side)
    Japanese Room (Mt. Fuji side)
    Japanese rooms(Mount Fuji side)
    Japanese Room (Mt. Fuji side)
    Japanese room(Mount Fuji view)
    24m²(8 Tatamis)
    2-3 persons
    futon beds
    Number of rooms:
  • Japanese rooms
    Japanese-Western room (Mount Fuji view)
    Japanese-Western room (Mount Fuji view)
    Japanese-Western room (Mount Fuji view)
    Japanese-Western room(Mount Fuji view)
    2-4 persons
    2 beds
    and 2 futon beds
    Number of rooms:
  • Japanese room
    Japanese Room
    Japanese room
    Japanese room
    Japanese room
    24m²(8 Tatamis)
    2-3 persons
    futon beds
    Number of rooms:
  • Semi-double room(Single room)
    Semi-double room(Single room)
    Semi-double room(Single room)
    Semi-double room(Single room)
    Semi-double room(Single room)
    1-2 persons
    1 beds
    Number of rooms:
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Available for guests’ use are 120 rooms of five varieties, including rooms with a view of Mt. Fuji. With their modern interiors full of Japanese ambiance, our rooms ensure a peaceful and relaxing experience.

Check-in time: 3:00PM~
Check-out time: ~10:00AM
*It differs depending on the plans you choose.

Bath and Room Amenities:
Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap, Shaving & hand & face cream, Shaving razor, Toothbrushes, Cotton swab, Hair brush, Face towel, Bath towel, Bath mat, Yukata

Available facilities:
TV, Telephone, Boiling pot, Tea bag Green Tea, Roasted Green Tea, Glass, Bottle opener, Mini bar, Hanger, Shoehorn, In-room safe, Hairdryer, Towel stand, Bidet toilet seat, In-house Slippers, Humidified air cleaner
*We have barrier-free room. (1 room)
Please contact us for details.
*Please put these In-house Slippers and Yukata on while walking inside the hotel.
*If you need lady amenities(Cleansing oil, face wash, skin lotion, milky lotion), Please come to the reception desk.

It's no smoking of all the rooms, so please use the smoking area on each floor for smoking.

Restaurant [1F]

This buffet restaurant affords great views of Mt. Fuji to guests, and the seasonal and healthy Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes on offer are prepared under the orchestration of a highly experienced chef. There are more than 32 kinds of dishes for Breakfast and Dinner. Enjoy a fresh and bountiful dining experience against the backdrop of Mt. Fuji.

[Open Hours]
Breakfast : 6:30AM~9:30AM (Last order 9:00AM)
Dinner: 5:30PM~9:00PM (Last order 8:30PM)
*Unfortunately we do not have Lunch business at the restaurant.

Sevice・Plan Information

  • Welcome Drink

    Welcome Drink

    A welcome drink will be served at the restaurant to CHECK-IN guests by 16:30pm.Please heal the tiredness of your long trips while watching Mt.Fuji. Our service will end at 17:00pm.

  • Anniversary Plan

    Anniversary Plan

    This is a plan where we will serve cake and alcohol( can be changed to soft drinks) at dinner for birthdays and various anniversary celebrations.If you wish to have a memorable photo with the cake served, we can provide you an instant photo taken with an instant camera.We also provide bouquets for an additional Fee.

  • Girls trip plan

    Girls trip plan

    Lending the hottest luxury hair dryer at the time of Check-in.In addition to your room, We have prepared a special amenity set and cookies which are popular in Lake Kawaguchi.Alcohol or Soft drinks will be served at dinner.

*For futher inquiry regarding anniversary and Girls trip plan; Please feel free to contact us at +81-80-200-7970

Large Bath [1F]

In spring, summer, autumn amd winter, Mt.Fuji changes its expression. Enjoy watching Mt.Fuji from the open-air bath. Also, spend a relaxing time in the indoor “silk bath” that contains plenty of fine micro-unit bubbles and the "carbonated spring bath" that dissolves carbonic acid which helps to improve blood circulation.

[Open Hours]

Bath Amenities:
Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap, Shaving & hand & face cream, Hair brush, Hairdryer, Men’s skincare set (Aftershave, Hair Tonic, Razor), Women's skincare set (Cleansing, Lotion, Milky lotion, Cosmetic cotton puff)


  • A person with a tattoo can not have use a large bath.

Hotel Facilities

At the entrance you will find a beautiful chandelier inspired by the dazzling bright figure of Mt. Fuji in a sophisticated modern Japanese environment that enhances your travel experience.

  • Shop
  • Shop

Shop (1F)[Open Hours] 7:00AM~10:00AM, 3:00PM~10:00PM

  • Vending Machine/Ice machine

    Vending Machine/Ice machine (1F)

  • Smoking Corner

    Smoking Corner (1F~4F)

  • Defibrillator (1F)
  • Car Parking (Capacity of Flat parking: 40 cars,5 large buses. Free charge/ In the order of arrival.)
  • Free Wi-Fi

*Image is for illustration purposes.


  • by car


    by car
  • Train and Bus

    Train and Bus

    About 11 minutes on foot from Kawaguchiko station.

    *Free pick-up service from Bus stop (No.10) the station. (Preliminary reservation. Please call the hotel directly.)

    *The free shuttle bus service between hotel and Kawaguchiko Station during 6:00Am to 22:00.(We did not provide those service any other time hours)

    Train and Bus

Sightseeing spots around

  • Mt.Fuji


    Regarding about Mt.Fuji
    A symbol of Japan registered in the world's cultural heritage.
    It will show various expressions changing on the season and even the passage of time during the course of a day.
    Distance from Hotel : 31km:Distance to the 5th station of Fuji Yoshidaguchi
    Official Web Site for Mt.Fuji Climbing

  • Fujikyu Highland

    Fujikyu Highland

    How to enjoy your Fuji kyu highland park,Actually there is no entrance fee, so it is an amusement park that you can enjoy according to your taste, like such as thrill only, enjoy your lunch only, shopping only, and so on.We also provide transportation to and from Fujikyu Highland Station.Please contact the hotel for further details.
    Distance from Hotel : 1.5km
    Fujikyu Highland Official Site

  • Lake Kawaguchiko

    Lake Kawaguchiko

    The lakeside is a treasure trove of scenic spots. If you are lucky day, you may able to see and come up Mt.Fuji the lake.
    Distance from Hotel : 1.6km
    Lake Kawaguchiko Official Site

  • Oshino Hakkai

    Oshino Hakkai

    There are eight ponds designated as natural monuments. It is a mysterious spot made of the snowmelt of Mt. Fuji.
    Distance from Hotel : 9.8km
    Oshino Village Official Site

  • Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum

    Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum

    It is a music art museum, you able to enjoy watching, listening, experience, eating, shopping and something.
    Distance from Hotel : 5.8km
    Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum Official Site

  • Mt.Fuji Panoramic Ropeway

    Mt.Fuji Panoramic Ropeway

    Superb spot with panoramic views of Mt Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi. The view from the top is worth a look.
    Distance from Hotel : 1.8km
    Mt.Fuji Panoramic Ropeway Official Site